Historical Agenda

Portugal - Joao II
O Principe Perfeito
Likes civs that like to be coverted to his religions, likes civs with other religions and to trade with them. Hates civs that city raze. Likes who send diplomats and hates who send spies.

Joao started his reign with an intense consolidation of power, severely reducing the power of the nobles. As a result, they attempted several conspiracies against him, which he effectively shut down. He was also known, even as a child, for being immune to the influence of others and hating intrigue. The posthumous nickname 'The Perfect Prince' refers to Machiavelli's 'The Prince' and how Joao was a good example of that ideal. I'm not sure if this Agenda will result in good gameplay, since you'll need high Diplomatic Visibility to find out his hidden agenda. I guess there might be a sweetspot that changes from game to game(if hidden agenda strength changes) that affects just how much visibility you want with Joao each game. I guess, if you want to be friends, you should leave Joao alone, but if you're willing to be enemies, you can know all about the happenings in his Civ.

Portugal - Afonso de Albuquerque
Conquest By Sea
Never gives up items in a peace deal, and likes civilizations who match that approach. Afonso will hate civs that possess coastatal cities / harbor districts, and have a different religion than him, while liking civs that trades with him

Well, this is quite straightfoward.Afonso won't tolerate another sea bound empire, but you can surely mitigate his temper by trading with him.

Leader Ability

Portugal - Joao II
Legacy of Henry the Navigator
Has an extra Economic policy slot.Counterespionage activities performed by Portugal are more effective (will update when we know more game mechanics)
one extra sight and movement for all boats

Henry had built a whole slew of sponsors and benefactors for his expeditions. Joao acquired a lot of money for the crown through this, and also by confiscating the lands of disloyal nobles(and by forcing them to actually pay their taxes). Joao was very effective at finding and uprooting conspiracies in his kingdom. An economic policy slot is more effective the fewer of them you have, which will incentivize Portugal to consider running a Monarchy as opposed to a Merchant Republic and the like.More effective counterespionage should help an insular, protective playstyle.

Portugal - Afonso de Albuquerque
Mare Clausum
All your naval units might build a Padrao Unique Improvement by spending 3 turns
Each Feitoria add extra 2 gold
+ 1 range of attack for all your ranged naval units

Mare Clausum allows Portugal to greatly project their naval power by increasing the range of their naval units.However, this UA's power can only be fully understood when coupling with Portugal's unique improvement...

Leader Description

Joao II

Afonso de Albuquerque

Civilization Ability

Early Globalization
Circunnavigating the globe will grant Portugal an extra diplomatic goverment slot
Stablishing an inter-continental trade route with a city state will grant you one free envoy with it.
Receive 2 Inspirations at random when you discover all continents.

Portugal's early globalization will greatly reward the player for embarking into great sea expeditions, while also reinforcing Portugal's influence within city states. The Portuguese Empire thrived by finding various feuding local powers and agreeing to be a neutral party in exchange for trade rights. They would conquer trading centers that were profitable for competitors.

Civilization Strategy

In short, Portugal will be a civilization apt at exploration, trade, and diplomacy with far-away lands! The Portuguese benefit from being a coastal empire.They may want to trade or conquer City-states far away due to their Feitoria and UA.

Unique Unit

Unlocks at Exploration, new class unit, and will be able to enter in city states territories irregardless of your level of influence with them.
Starts with the 'Volta do mar' promotion, which gives +2 movement if there are no land tiles in sight range when it begins its turn.
Also has the 'Feitoria' promotion, which allows the unit to construct a Feitoria on an adjacent coastal tile owned by a City - State not on your home continent, one time only.
Naus will be able to carry a unique 'expedition' action when placed next to a coastal goodie hut.It will make them receive not only the goodie hut bonus, but also an extra amount of gold and culture(will be bigger the further away it is from your capital)

Did we mention that in civ 6 you won't be able to enter City States territories unless you're friends with them? Well, that's not the case for Portugal, which will be able to explore terrain that would be otherwise forbidden for other civs. When coupled with Portugal's UI, that means that Portugal will be able to discover CS and secure trade routes with them earlier than any other civ! The Nau is the Portuguese name for the Carrack, a type of ship that was basically a bigger and stronger Caravel.The Portuguese were the first Europeans to master the currents and trade winds(Volta do mar) due to several advancements in technology. One of these was the sail method that the Caravels and Carracks employed, which allowed the ship to go against the wind.The Portuguese experience with sailing out to sea helped them understand the pattern of trade winds and currents that would allow them to sail around the world quickly and consistently. The Portuguese used these expeditions to quickly set up shop in territories they discovered, establishing Feitorias (which are explained below). The exploration bonus encourages Portugal to explore bits of the coast at a time, finding good places to settle/ trade with, but little bits at a time and all over the place.Once you find a spot worth trading with, you can build a Feitoria to take advantage of it.

Flor do Mar
Cost: 300 Meelee: 40 Ranged Attack: 55 Mov: 5 Maint: 4 Commercial goods from envoys
Receives +5 ranged attack strenght if theres is at least one adjacent Nau unit

one of the biggest Naus with an impressive longevity, used by many explorers and last one was Afonso de Albuquerque

Replaces Frigate
Cost: 320 Meelee: 50 Ranged Attack: 60 Mov: 4 Maintn: 4

One of the strongest Portuguese Galleons, maybe slower but almost impossible to sink at the time and hyper massive destroyer

Caravela Redonda
Replaces Caravel
Cost: 250 Meelee: 55 Mov: 5 Maintn: 4

Portuguese war Caravel, faster and stronger, to defend the bigger Naus from pirates and enemies

Unique Building

Replaces harbor. Must be built on a harbor district or in the city center of a coastal city-state, on a foreign continent.
+1 production to all working boats and atolls in this city
Provides extra amenities for each trade route with a city state that the city has
This improvement provides significant yields in food, production, and gold to its tile.
When Portugal trades with this City - state, the trade route provides a large amount of extra gold, and even more if Portugal is the Sovereign.

Feitorias consolidates Portugal's role as a naval civ, while synergizing with its other uniques and rewarding the player for stablishing trade with city states. Feitoria is the Portuguese word for Factory.Basically, these were fortified trade and production centers established on coasts around the world to trade with natives. This improvement encourages Portugal to grab City - state allies overseas, and to form trade routes with them.Giving bonuses for being the sovereign encourages Portugal to explore quickly, and giving the improvement high yields encourages opponents to attack City - states Portugal wants(it also encourages Portugal to take its own CS using its UA).

Unique Improvement

Can only be constructed by a Nau and only be built in coastal City State terrain, on a foreign continent.
Padraos grant Portugal one free envoy to that coastal city state, while decreasing all foreign envoys by one and closing them the access to that city state territory.These effects won't stack up (so you won't get 3 free envoys for building 3 padraos).
It provides faith equal to the adjacency bonus of the Harbor.
No costs of maintenance

Building Padraos, Portugal's UI is a great strategy for drecreasing your opponent's sway with city states.Also, keep in mind that on civ 6 units can't traverse city state territories until they have good relationships with them, so Portugal's UI will be great at boxing and suffocating your opponents! Padraos(monuments) are markers erected by Portuguese explorers when they made landfall, as a land claim. They featured the Portuguese coat of arms and were shaped like a large stone cross.They were often located on outcroppings of land so they'd be visible from the sea.

Unique District

Bairro Alto
no formal local political authority
social and historical significance to the urban community
Fado Culture
Great Food
Great joy